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About Us

Who in the world are these guys and what do they care about My First Mortgage?

About Us

We are American Finance Detectives Inc. (AFD), a group of highly trained, highly agitated financial professionals who've seen just about enough graft and bad business in our combined decades in the industry to make us never to want to work there again. But we still work, for you, fighting the good fight. Your first home mortgage may just be the most important financial decision you'll ever have to make, and just the prospect of the decision is in itself scary enough without various mortgage hobgoblins sniffing at your door, scraping at your walls, trying their best to catch you unaware in a situation where you will unnecessarily lose your hard earned money. We believe strongly that the best weapon for consumers against those who would take you to the cleaners and up the river and into debtors prison for a lifetime of struggle and poverty, is information. My First Mortgage is designed with you-the home owner-in mind, and we are here for your better interests.

AFD is the brainchild of Dr. Samuel Olcott. Dr. Olcott served in the mortgage industry from 1967 to 1993, when, in a fit of visionary transcendence, found his life as a wasted dream spend profiting off the uneducated and financially ignorant in the booming valleys of Southern California. He stormed from his offices in San Diego without a word, drove south into Mexico and disappeared in the back alleys of Tijuana. Three months later Dr. Olcott reemerged as a new man, ready to use his experiences in the mortgage industry as a lesson for those seeking their first home mortgages. This may sound strange, but Dr. Olcott is a strange man, a complex freedom fighter with a need to rectify his long erring ways by telling you what he knows. Since 1993 Dr. Olcott has travelled far and wide, recruiting the brightest financial minds all over America for his informative and honest financial publications. With the advent of the Internet, AFD now reaches millions of previously unreachable consumers, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to defend themselves in the cutthroat world of finance. AFD wishes you the best of luck in your financial endeavors, and gives you the insights needed to chase after your dreams.

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