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Home Equity

Home equity is the reason you buy a home in the first place.

Home Equity - The Great Home Mortgage Hope

Home equity is nothing less than the actual value of your home investment. It is measured by subtracting the remaining balance on your home loans from the appraised value of your home - assuming you were to sell today home equity could be seen as the total profit. Equity is the reason why we own homes in the first place - to generate and secure a major source of wealth and financial stability.

Using home equity

There are limitless benefits to accumulating home equity and holding onto it for all that you got:

  • using your home equity as collateral you can apply for affordable home equity loans. These second mortgages will have higher rates than your first, but their rates will still be lower - and amounts much greater - than any other personal financing on the market.
  • amassing home equity lowers your credit score and increases you financial stability.

With a home equity loan you can consolidate your outside debt, make a major purchase, or put the money back into your home through home improvements. All these uses are designed for on of two reasons - to make you money or to save you money.

Ways to increase equity

So you have a home, you're making monthly payments and now you're asking how to go about getting that equity. Simple - just keep on doing what you are doing:

  • keep paying those monthly payments, a portion of which will go into paying off your loan balance and therefor increase your home equity bit, by bit, by bit.
  • keep on living in that home. As time goes on the value of your home will appreciate on its own. This appreciation is an increase in home equity, and depending on where you live - and even the neighborhood your home is located - you stand to make a killing on home appreciation.

But watch out, mortgage professionals know how this works and they know what people are willing to pay for the opportunity of owning a high-potential-for-profit home. Do not be sucked into any home loan that will deny you the chance to actually amass equity - when it comes to the true advantages of home ownership, equity is really all you got.

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